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Aptitude Academy

Johannes B. Schmidt & friends

Quality of Presence – Listening Skills – Connection

We are committed to:

  • sharing our knowledge und experience in the field of personal transformation
  • teaching interpersonal sensitivity, and being oneself in communion with others
  • realizing integrative perception for context-sensitive action, and interaction
  • furthering self-realization, being and interbeing
  • counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, and seminars to create relevant learning
    and being environments
J.B. Schmidt

Johannes Benedikt Schmidt

Johannes Benedikt Schmidt, PhD, clinical psychologist, trained in Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Constructivist-Systemic Work, Constellation Work, Trauma Work, Craniosacral Biodynamics, and Neurophysiological Development. Johannes teaches international workshops and trainings. He is author of the book Inner Navigation – Traumahealing and constellational processwork as a navigational tool for the evolution of your true self. His disarming honesty comes for some as an unfamiliar surprise and for some as a pleasant relief.

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